There is a history in this world that most people are unaware. It is captured in the phrase, “Sexual Suppression.” What about those who understand this term? Their stories are lost in the tales of their lives. They are notes in the mind. History doesn’t record their voices because they have never spoken out and shared with anyone the truth about their first sexual experience. Often, they left no trace of the trauma, or at least none that survived the destruction the incident caused, the truth is hidden, it is lost under years of denial somewhere in their mind.

Sexual Suppression: “A state in which the conscious mind excludes itself during an encounter of sexual abuse”

This lost history doesn’t concern wars between family members or court case battles between loved ones. Instead, it is a struggle of the powerless against the powerful, of minorities against majorities, those who know better against the innocent, youth against adult, abuser against victim, those with nothing against those with everything, the margins of faith verses fear. In the vast majority of cases, the victim believes if they never speak of the incident it will all go away, disappear, and vanish. But after years of not talking about sex with our parents we realize we did not protect our offspring from the beast– instead we placed them in the care of brothers, sisters, babysitters, uncles, aunts, and religious figures hoping they would stay protect from sexual exposure and remain a child for as long as possible. There are thousands of us who were sexually abused once and that dreadful day changed our lives. We turned to teen pregnancy, eating disorders, porn, drugs, and alcohol and while we tried to self-medicate to forget the truth we grew into a nation who lost value of the gift of life and the meaning of sex. Do not be like them, instead: “Pray it out, write it out, speak it out” Join the movement known as JustUS love.